Elbow Agony

October 7th, 2009 by Kristin

A beautiful day at the zoo… the kids were having so much fun when this picture was taken…
Moments later, as I was trying to coax Silas back into his stroller, I tugged one way and he tugged the other… I heard two pops followed by serious wailing. I knew something was wrong but I didn’t know what had happened. He quieted down after a few minutes and we left the zoo. After taking a 2 hour nap, Silas awoke with his arm hanging at his side. Following a call to the pediatrician, we were off to St. John’s where he underwent 4 x-rays and finally the diagnosis of “Nursemaid’s Elbow”…which was immediately popped back into place in the doctor’s office. Bizarre….. Still didn’t make it to the ER though, so haven’t ruined that record……yet. Immediate relief for Silas following the quick “pop”. They sent the poor dude home with a mini-sling, which he wore long enough for a photo and then chucked on the floor…. What an adventure!

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