Silas is 2!

July 17th, 2010 by Kristin

This little curly guy is in love- big time….with Super Why! The PBS show is probably well known amongst parents and kids; however, it is difficult to find many other items in this vein. We own one Super Why book and he continuously brings it to us and requests that we read it over and over again. We have now added some Super Why episodes to dad’s i-phone for those emergent situations. Pretty sure his favorite is “Whyatt” or “Super Why”. There was no doubt in our minds what kind of cake he needed….
When we brought out the cake, he was quite excited…but more excited about dancing to the Super Why theme song which we pulled up on You Tube. (; No, my child only sits in front of the television for half of his day….(just kidding)
Of course, help is always needed opening gifts!
Sadie created a card just for Silas- he was very excited to have her read it to him.
Jude followed suit.
Architectural building blocks- yes we know he doesn’t care about Greek revival, Roman columns, etc, but they’re really cool and look very pretty in the basket in our living room….He is very into building right now!
Couldn’t resist this first remote control car…another favorite thing- pushing buttons (especially the one on the elevator in our library…not to mention he knows how to run in once the door comes open)
Watch out! Grandma and grandma went with a craftsman….complete with goggles.

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