More about Team Tanner…

The characters:
The real “Team Tanner” has been existence for about 13 years now.
Brendan, Kristin, Jude (8), Sadie (5) and Silas (2) (along with their furry friends, Drexel and Daisy) live in St. Louis, Missouri.

The setting:
We enjoy our little city of Maplewood, which is smack dab in the middle of metro St. Louis. It is a walkable community that is enjoying a bit of a renaissance. Local businesses are popping up around the corner from us. We can literally walk to the grocery, several restaurants (including Schlafly, our local brewery), local parks, several boutiques and antique stores and even an award-winning art gallery…not to mention the homes of many of our great friends and playmates.

About Team Tanner

Team-Tanner is our way of communicating our random life to you, the discerning web-connoisseur.